Concrete & Tinted Sealers

Sealing Improves the Appearance of Your Concrete & Sandstone Floors

Envirocoats’s Sealing  services are invaluable to clients aiming to maximise the value of their property or simply if you want to rejuvenate your property and add years to its life.

Envirocoat will not only clean your hard surfaces we can also re-seal, restore and maintain your hard surfaces. Our friendly technicians can offer you a range of solutions for your cleaning and sealing needs. Our suppliers have an extensive range of quality sealing products designed to meet the demands of the harsh Australian environment. As each environment is different, so too are the sealers that are required.

Hiring Envirocoat with our State of the Art Technology, ensures that services minimises risks, as our professional staff are the best in the business, with the right equipment and the safest and most environmentally friendly working practices.

Why clean & seal decorative concrete and hard surfaces?

  • Pressure Cleaning removes unsightly stains and slip hazards
  • Pressure Cleaning dramatically improves the appearance of your concrete area and by sealing the area increases lustre and richness.
  • Sealing protects the surface from the harsh Australian weather.
  • Sealing resists the marking effects of dirt, grime, salt, moss and oils.
  • Sealing makes surfaces much easier to wash and clean.
  • Seals the pores in the concrete to restrict flow of lime to the surface.

There are two main types of sealers that are applied to a surface when cleaning and sealing. Both of these sealers have different features which make them suitable for particular situations.

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers are the most widely used and preferred coating in the concrete industry. They are UV resistant, relatively easy to apply, can be applied soon after concrete installation, are economically priced and have excellent recoating abilities. Acrylic sealers are commonly used on areas such as: exposed aggregate, full depth coloured concrete, stencil concrete, pattern concrete and style paves resurfacing systems.

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers (penetrates into the surface and provides a natural look) In contrast to Acrylic sealers do not create a coating and are therefore good for surfaces where slip resistance and retaining a natural look may be an issue.

They are often referred to as ‘penetrating’ sealers because they absorb into the concrete or hard surface to repel the ingress of moisture while allowing vapour to escape from the inside of the surface.

  • Penetrating sealers are commonly used on areas such as: clay pavers, concrete pavers, terracotta, sandstone, granite, limestone, natural stone, porous tiles, marble, pedestrian and public areas where staining may be an issue.

Envirotech will conduct a complete assessment of your concrete and hard surface area and offer expert advice on the correct sealer for your project or home.

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Gold Coast Tinted Sealer & Coloured Concrete Coating Experts

Envirocoats’s Coloured Concrete Coatings services are invaluable to clients aiming to maximise the value of their property or simply if you want to rejuvenate your property and add years to its life.

Coloured or Tinted Concrete Coating & Sealers provide a cost effective, easy to apply, one-step color option for indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces. You can use a tinted concrete sealer to restore faded exterior concrete or to quickly add color to commercial floors, driveways and paths plus garage floors.

Your new coloured concrete can either be in a matt finish or gloss and is produced by mixing a pigment into the acrylic sealer to make a whole range of colours. Tinted sealers provide a full opaque colour meaning you cant see through it so when rejuvenating and existing surface you can go over it with any colour you wish.

Coloured sealers have some great benefits like if your tired of looking at your old driveway and want a cost effective change or if your changing the whole colour of your property and the driveway does not match anymore a tinted sealer is the perfect option!

If you would like further info on the colour chart please click the link below:

Concrete Colour Systems


“The professionalism, reliability, product knowledge and the finish product has been top shelf! We would have no hesitation in recommending Steve and his team to anyone needing concrete coatings”

David Radic, Builder

“Steve and his team completed the project on time and to budget. We would have no hesitation in recommending Steve & his team for any concrete coatings task.”

Craig Freestone, Barkroyal Bourtique Pet Resort

“ The quality has been outstanding, they complete the projects on time and have great knowledge about the different products available to provide us with a great coating solution.”

Marcus Hall, Retail One

Our company has benefited from Steve and his teams work since 2010 .  Steve has always delivers on quality and performance, in a busy environment. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Envirocoat for all your flooring solutions.

Todd Ross, TKR Constructions PTY LTD

The use of concrete as a finished internal surface is growing and changing at a rate I can’t keep up with , Steve at Envirocoat is my go to.  Thanks Steve for your knowledge and skill you bought to our Palm Beach project , our clients are stoked and the floor looks amazing. 

Don Cotterill, Sanctuary 28 Builders

I have worked with Envirocoat for the last 3 years and together we have created some amazing spaces. I will continue to recommend them.

Jeremy Beresford, Berecon Builders

We have been using Envirocoat over the last 4 years, for many applications such as Polyurethane screens  in commercial kitchens flake flooring sealing as well as roll coats. Steve’s commitment to the Job and his professionalism and services, is second to none. 

Daniel Mcdonald, Mcdonalds Flooring Accessories

Envirocoat has been a valued customer of Con-Treat since 2013. Over this time we have been witness to many of Steve’s projects and worked personally with Steve and his team to ensure they achieve the desired outcome for their clients. 

Andrew McLeay, Con-Treat


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