Concrete Grind & Seal

The more cost effective option for indoor and outdoor concrete use on driveways, garages, internal house floors and factory floors is the Grind and Seal solution.

During this process the floor is ground two or three times to show the aggregate or stone and this can be done lightly for minimal exposure (salt and pepper look) or more for full exposure. If required we can also grout in the pinholes and patch any crack or blemishes in the slab.

Then between two & three coats of sealer, Polyurethane or Poly Aspartic are applied which sits on top of the surface, giving the concrete a shiny glossy appearance. If require penetrating sealers can be applied giving that more natural look please ask one of our experts on the correct type of sealer to use.

The advantages of a grind and seal concrete solution are:

It is important to keep in mind that with all topical sealers they will wear over time and may need to be re-coated depending on how much traffic and weather they receive etc.

For more information on the Grind and Seal process and products we use, or to find out if it is suitable for your project, contact our team of experts.

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