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Designer Seamless Flooring is the most exciting technology breakthrough in the concrete and epoxy flooring industry in years.

There is no other system that has the appeal, WOW factor, depth, luster and 3D visual effect as a custom made Designer Epoxy Floor or Metallic Epoxy Floor. One of the latest current trends in the concrete coatings industry is metallic epoxy.

A metallic epoxy floor is a 100% solids two part epoxy that is mixed with reflective pigments. As the epoxy cures the epoxy moves or ‘flows’ creating looks never before possible with epoxy flooring.

At Envirocoat we can utilize multiple colors and techniques to generate amazing results which allows the customer to completely customize their floor. The appearance of designer flooring can be enhanced by several application methods creating a floor that is unique and can never be duplicated.

Our other System we have multiple different types of concrete micro toppings and levellers that range from 1mm to 10mm depending on the desired look and purpose of use we can create a seamless free flowing floor, something really rustic or a really smart polished concrete overlay.

Our Design team helps you create a unique one-of-a-kind look and brilliant finish to any concrete surface. Customers seeking an amazing look for their floor contact us today for a look at our showroom on the options available.



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